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Cristina Gironès & Chu Yang

On the south side of the Aarhus River stands a squared building, reminiscent of an industrial warehouse. The Godsbanen is a cultural center that was built in 2012 in one of Denmark’s largest train freight yards, with the aim of offering a space for those artists who cannot afford the rent of studios nor tools for their creations.

Two years before it opened, the Municipality has announced that the area would be gradually transformed into a modern city district, through a collaborative project. This decision led to a major debate over the use of public spaces and the expulsion of collaborative projects. However, the district where the Godsbanen is located, which is the same as that of the contemporary art museum Aros, has unofficially dubbed Aarhus “K”, for “Kultur” -“Culture” in Danish-. And it has finally risen as a central point for the artistic expression of many of the city’s inhabitants.

“Without this place, it would be impossible for me to work”

Alberte Karlsen, graphic designer

Follow the tour in Godsbanen and discover this space from the inside:

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